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Set-Free Reading is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students who struggle with reading learn how to read effectively.

Our reading program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of students who struggle with reading. We do this by providing one-on-one tutoring with one-hour sessions two days per week.

This unique program has been used with thousands of students across the country and has produced amazing results.

How We Started – A Teacher’s Story:

In March of 2005, Linda O’Toole – a teacher of nearly 30 years with a Masters Degree in Reading Education – asked herself the following question:  “Why is it that so many intelligent, hard working students, who achieve success in other areas of life, struggle so much with reading?”  She wondered if they struggle because they are not capable of learning to read well or if they struggle because we are not teaching them in a way they understand.

Linda began researching reading programs all over the country and after several months of specific research came to the realization that many of these struggling students ARE learning to read, but they need to be taught with different methods not easily utilized in the classroom.  It became Linda’s mission to set these students free.

Linda used what she learned from her research to pilot a program in her own classroom to help struggling readers.  The program was so successful, she knew she had to reach as many parents and students as possible with this information.  Thus Set-Free Reading was born.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to unlock the potential in individuals who find reading challenging by providing them with the tools necessary to break the reading (or language) code, so that reading becomes a bridge, rather than a barrier, thus setting them free to achieve in all areas of life.

Please use the menu at the top of the page to learn more about the Set-Free Reading program and the success it has brought to so many students who struggled to read.

If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor or enrolling a student in this program, contact Linda O’Toole @ 217.899.1492 or email linda.otoole@setfreereading.org